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Froggy Went A-Courting…

Froggy Frolics at Woodsman’s cabin

Our region is dotted with many thousands of lakes which, in turn, are home to millions of frogs and toads.  At this time of year we are serenaded by them each night.   I am not fluent in Frog, so I don’t know exactly what they’re singing about but it’s undoubtedly something about sex and/or property disputes.  There is a strange synchronicity to their chorusing.  One chap will spark up, then the others will all join in and the noise will build until their croaking reaches a crescendo, then suddenly, as if their bulbous eyes are all watching a conductor’s baton, they will cease ‘ensemble’.  (Although often, there’s one troublemaker who misses his cue and carries on for a few extra bars).  All will be quiet for a few minutes, before the whole band strikes up again!


It’s the soundtrack of Spring and a wonderful thing.  Not everyone thinks so though, recently a Dordogne couple prosecuted their neighbours over the noise nuisance of the frogs in a long-running court case that came to be known as ‘Frogate’!  The case is still ongoing and has reached the highest levels of the justice system.  Luckily for the frogs, they are a protected species, I’m sure they will win when they get their day in court.  If you’d like to read more about the case (in French) click here  Or in English, click here


Tickets for the nightly frog chorus are available throughout May free of charge with every booking! (Subject to certain conditions).

“In May, do as you like”