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Bluebells Vs Brambles….Fight!

Bluebells at Woodsman’s cabin

When we first acquired the woods that surround Woodsman’s cabin there were no bluebells growing at all, or rather there might have been, but their blooms would have been hidden under a spiky carpet of chest-high brambles and so, remained unseen.  Only once the beastly brambles had been mown out, and then mown out again, and dappled sunlight began to filter through did those first green, spiky shoots appear, followed by the delicate blooms in palest mauve.  Now, they put on a good display every Springtime, and although we are still fighting the fight against the brambles, the bluebells are holding their own…

Bluebell Glade at Woodsman’s cabin

If you fancy a ringside seat to see what all the bloomin’ fuss is about then book yourself in before the end of May at

Sunrise over the bluebells at Woodsman’s cabin.